While surfing through various social channels, you've probably noticed that you see the exact same video on different accounts.  Have you wondered why this happens especially when it's not retweeted or shared?  It is something that comes up often and essentially it's hijacking content from one channel and posting it to another by 'screen capturing' the video.

This is all too common and has no sign of slowing down.  It can be controlled and governed about as successfuly as giving a cat a bath.

The Concept:  Pretend that you own a restaurant and create an original menu that people enjoy.  A new similar and less expensive looking restaurant opens 2 doors down and offers your exact menu to their customers only that the wait time is longer, the quality is less, and the overall experience is not good.....  hmmmm.

So where is your content?  Is it unique and creative to stand out?

Show us your stuff and we'll have a look at it and offer suggestions.  Contact us.


Monique was working with prominent award winning Chef JC Poirier in Vancouver when she had the idea to create a culinary retreat to Southern Italy.  JC was 100% onboard to bring his talent and explore the palatte of the Puglia region.  Working closely with Renshaw Travel, we utilized the customer mailing list to reach the devoted clientelle of JC's restaurants.  The email campaign, as well as the creative behind it, sold the Fall 2018 date + the May 2019 trip.  A celebrated success!


Neal Dustin greatly contributed, with his valuable support, to the success of our marketing campaign which resulted in 100% booking. I really appreciated his help with setting up the webpage and initiating the personalized invitation mail-out. Thank you Neal!


A loyal client recently asked to help them be more efficient with modern technology.  A couple hours later, Sylvie had her phone and computer connected with her brand accounts (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook) and was 'off to the races' creating content with ease.  There are many options in the digital marketing world and we're here to help. 

Neal helped me with getting up to speed on a whole long list of issues I had. I so appreciate someone who can help with technology and not make you feel like a total idiot! It’s easy to get frustrated; especially when you are using old technology- thank you for fixing that- and Neal was pleasant and easy to ask questions to. It was actually fun working through the stuff that I normally cringe at and avoid as long as possible. Thank you Neal for being so awesome!
Sylvie - shadesofjade.ca